Objective of the game

The game’s objectives are simple: retire early and then create wealth.

Change your financial direction by increasing your capital and accumulating a strong asset base. Learn to take good advice and avoid the pitfalls of the financially ill-informed. Develop sufficient passive income from your assets to GET OUT OF THE RUT.

To retire early, players need to generate passive income (by accumulating assets) that is equal or higher than their active income. When they retire, they also enter the Inner Circle “where the rich play by different rules”.

Wealth is defined by owning passive income that exceeds the players’ cost of living (i.e. expenses) by $10,000 a month.

How the game is played

In a nutshell

  • You start with a job. This is your only source of income.
  • You have fixed expenses. These are your living expenses.
  • You have liabilities or debt, such as housing loan, car loan, education loan, etc. Each of these add on to your expenses. For the purpose of the game, these expenses cover only the interest payment, and are only reduced when you reduce or pay off the sum owed.
  • You go through life, coming across various opportunities where you are given the choice to participate or skip.
  • Market and economic conditions will change constantly. Some may affect you by earning or costing you a lot of money while some may have no impact on you.
  • Your goal is to achieve financial independence and wealth.

The game is divided into two sections: the Rut and the Inner Circle. Players move their game tokens around the board, based on the throw of a dice, and respond to the random situations presented on the squares they land on:

  • Opportunities
  • Expenses
  • Pay Day

Their success in the game is determined by the decisions they make in response to these situations.

Players also go through the uncertainties of life and the economy through Market Forces which can bring windfalls to the intrepid investor or ruin to the foolish gambler. The game challenges players to evaluate and seize the right opportunities, striking a balance between risk and returns.

The process of creating wealth is greatly accelerated by finding a “Mentor” and getting good advice. This is not a mystic guru but an amalgam of good advice on financial, investment and business matters. Finding a Mentor, in the game, gives players access into the Inner Circle which is a high priority in the game.

Within the Inner Circle (“where the rich play”), players get more opportunities and fewer risks. They also enjoy special privileges called “Mentor Advice” which can help them reduce their expenses, increase the opportunities and generate more income.

Throughout the game, the players are required to keep careful record of their assets, liabilities, incomes and expenditures. In so doing, they learn the principles of personal finance that can also be applied to their personal lives.

The Rut to Riches board game is designed to always present fresh new challenges even to the seasoned player. It has a long-lasting appeal to all players old and new.

Game rules