Why work for money when money can be working for us?
Play this game and learn the secrets of the wealthy.
Learn how to have time and money by becoming a ‘Fat Cat’

Income can be generally divided into two types – active or passive. Active income is money you earn by trading your time in exchange. Regardless of how much you earn, that income stops when you stop. Passive income is money you earn from leveraging other people’s time and/or money. This income is independent of your activity, and is generally how the rich get rich.

The Rut to Riches board game is an exciting, interactive game designed to teach the foundations of wealth creation through a simulation of life, with its opportunities and pitfalls. Anyone old enough to own a credit card should play this game!

“Do not depend on the enemy not coming, but depend on our readiness against him. Do not depend on the enemy not attacking, but depend on our position that cannot be attacked.”  Sun Tzu, The Art Of War

Sun Tzu reminds us of something we all have complete control over: yes, ourselves! Even if we ignore everything else, we can prosper if we concentrate on our own progress. Economic changes and the world around us may force the average person into financial struggle, but we do not necessarily have to face the same fate because  we can prepare for it in advance.

Your financial future is in your hands, but will largely depend on the decisions you make today.

An in-depth understanding of financial intelligence is of paramount importance to help us make the right decisions and position ourselves well for the future.

As an education tool, the Rut to Riches board game teaches players to:

  • Understand basic accounting principles, running a cash statement, profit and loss, and balance sheet
  • Make acquisitions and investment decisions based on future capital gains and passive income
  • Control debt, reduce liabilities and reduce interest costs
  • Appreciate the financial requirements for retiring comfortably and to understand the difference between earned (active) income and investment/business (passive) income
  • Seek quality professional advice for business and investment
  • Realise that regardless of their starting salaries or financial position, they can achieve financial independence by exercising good judgment
  • Learn from mistakes, including those made by other players